3 Not-So-Obvious Reasons It's Time to Sell

There are many good reasons to put your property on the market. Some examples include a relocation, the kids leaving the nest, the need to downsize or upsize, and the list goes on. Beyond the obvious reasons, there may be more subtle signs that the time to sell is near, such as: 

 1. Your Property Is No Longer a Good “Fit” Your home may have been perfect for you when you bought it. But things change. Families grow. Needs evolve. For any number of reasons, your property may no longer be a good fit for you. If that's the case, it makes sense to at least see what's available on the market. Who knows? Your next "perfect" home may be for sale right now — and within your price range!

 2. The Neighbourhood Is Changing You may have been in love with the neighbourhood when you first moved in. But, over time, the characteristics of any area can change. Those changes don’t necessarily mean the neighbourhood is getting worse. It may be changing in a positive way - perhaps becoming more urban. But “more urban” may not be what you want. So, look at the direction your neighbourhood is heading. Ask yourself, "Do I still want to be living here in 2 years?" 

3. You're Ready for Your Dream Home Remember When you purchased your current property did it have every feature you wanted? Was it really your dream home? Or did you have to compromise on a few things, such as the size of the kitchen? If you had to make some tough choices back then, it might be time for you to finally get the home of your dreams. Of course, there are many other reasons it may be time to make a move.

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